Custom CAD (Computer Aided Design)

We create custom low relief CAD patterns for your CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) carving machines.  We provide quality STL/RLF/BMP greyscale files to our clients, who use our CAD for their CNC production toolpath strategies. We have been providing custom CAD to customers since 2001 and continue serving the CNC community today.


Custom CAM (Computer Aided Machine) carving service.

Along with our experienced creative CAD department, we also offer manufacturing of all digital relief patterns as well as your custom requested designs. Whether you'r looking for a molding pattern piece ,personal signs, coasters or medals our desktop CNC machines can carve out anything we throw at them!


PLA3D art & home decor

As our experience with custom services and model creation continues to grow, our artistic CAD applications stretch wider as we keep developing our PLA3D brand of wood carved art & home decor.  PLA3D design patterns can be made to order or simply purchased from our shop while quantities are available. Our products can also be found at the Northside Market in Fredericton, NB, and at various craft sales throughout the year.